Website Design

Image is everything

“You matched our logo colors. Thank you. That’s awesome.”

I was sitting across the table at a local coffee shop speaking with client for whom I was building their website.  While the process has started off slowly, things were kicking into high gear and their website was coming along nicely.

We were meeting to discuss what had already been created, how things were changing based on their market, and what things still needed to be implemented. I came to the meeting with a list of notes. So did they.

The first thing out of their mouths was about the colors.

It’s a small thing in the big picture of what will be your website, but it is those subtleties that will catch the attention of your viewer, client, customer, etc. Even if they don’t notice the color scheme (like my clients did) their brain will recognize the coordination. It is the small things (like color) which can take a website from OK to great. Whether anyone consciously realizes WHY they like it or not, we are constantly taking in and processing visual cues.

They didn’t mention it, but there were subtle things in their notes that touched on other visual items within their website. Things like “I like the setup on this page.” What they didn’t realize was things were lined up and proportioned in VERY specific ways to draw attention to different sections. This element is lined up with that element—whether you recognize it or not. This font matches your logo font whether you caught it or not. The reason you like it is: It is all connected and coordinated.

“We want to do this, this, and this on the page.” “OK. I hear you. Here’s why I am going to suggest you steer away from that. It’s too much. What are you trying to do on this page? You’re now asking for three different things on this page. That’s too much. Focus the page on your primary goal and direct them somewhere else for something else—IF that is what they want. Don’t force-feed them everything. If you do, they’re gonna throw half of it up, and you’ve wasted the space and the information.”

That’s what you can count on from Alphomega Marketing. Many people (or companies) can create a website for you, but we take the time to understand your business and customize the look and feel of your website for you and your company. We’ll work with you to understand how and why some things work and others don’t. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but like you do with your business, we’ll provide our knowledge and expertise to help you create the right look and feel for your website. Like any piece of your business, your website should be an extension of your business.

Contact us today to get started on your personalized website. Your satisfaction isn’t just our goal, it’s our promise.